Emily’s Second Birthday

A couple of weeks ago it was Emily’s second birthday party. True to her mother’s roots, she has been trying to make her birthday stretch out as long as possible. And who can blame her? She has been wearing her “I am Two” badge for weeks now and I have been told that everything has been transformed into a birthday cake at nursery complete with candles ready to repeatedly blow out. She’s even been singing Happy Birthday to herself in her hauntingly melodic child voice that is both beautiful and slightly scary at the same time.

It was a gloriously hot and sunny day, the garden was tidy, the lawn was mowed, the circus tent was out and the picnic blankets were down. All that was left was a barbeque to herald in the arrival of the southerners and we were set for a perfect day. But true to form, Andy was not willing to play game. Well, that’s a bit unfair, he just wasn’t able to light the barbeque, much to the delight of the other males present. The best of it was that he made this fact known at the same time as the charcoal was reaching its optimum heat, so he’d actually managed it without realising. I was very proud and very much amused by this.

The other thing that I am proud of was her birthday cake. Now, I’ve not had much experience with icing cakes, in fact, I’d go as far as to say this was my very first attempt. But, 4 hours down the line, I’ve managed to produce something that I would say is passable … and secretly I was extremely pleased with. To be honest, I was just happy I didn’t drop the thing! So, for prosperity, I’ve pinned a few photos here for you so you can marvel at my hard work. PS it’s a banana cake with chocolate fondant and I cut the dots out using my wedding ring as a cutter … that’s innovation for you!

What I loved most about the whole day … other than my sadistic love of seeing Andy embarrassed … was the fact that I was with my friends … and the sun, you can’t beat a bit of the old British sunshine. I love my friends more than anything, but living so far away from them puts a strain on the relationship. The most important thing though and the one that surprises me the most is that whenever I do see them, it seems like we’ve never been apart. That’s the sign of true friendship.

And at the end of the day, Emily loved her birthday celebrations. I love seeing her happy, what more can any mother want?


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