The World According To Emily

Blackberries are dirty fruit … supposedly.


4 responses to “The World According To Emily

  1. Sam only has certain adjectives, so things are either ‘cwean’ or ‘ dirtyorribleurr’ or ‘masty’ or ‘bwoken’ or ‘ficked’.
    I love his nonsense talk, he probably should be more articulate by now, but kids grow up too fast these days anyway.

    • This actually made me laugh out loud. I can totally hear that sort of thing when Emily speaks too. Her latest thing is that everything is “dirty” or “howible” too. The funniest things she’s started doing though is talking in a baby voice to Alice, but she has a baby voice already, so its just super cute. I love the way babies talk and at nearly 3 i don’t think you need to be worried about his articulation. Its more his northern accent that you’ve got to be really worried about … 😉

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