Note to Self …

Small people LOVE stickers. Once you have given them said stickers, you will forever be finding them in random places like in your hair or on the sole of your shoes.

Similarly, small person socks are frequently found in random places, especially those where you’d least expect them, like your handbag or under your desk at work … they are almost NEVER found in pairs.

The phenomenon of the small person socks does not stop with their appearance and disappearance, they are also totally adorable and will ALWAYS bring a smile to your face!


7 responses to “Note to Self …

  1. I love this! my little boy is 18 months and is obsessed with socks, his own, mine his dad’s … anyone’s he can strip of their feet! i have found one in the sink, in the toilet and several in the fridge!!

  2. Hahaha know that feeling, constantly finding stickers in random places, & once found a solitary “mini-me” sock in the freezer, how & why I just don’t know!

    • The freezer?! That’s the best one yet. When i got out of the car this morning, i found the yellow sock half way across the carpark. Turns out i must have flicked it out of my handbag when i picked it up. I search everywhere for it yesterday when i was putting a wash on. You can never find pairs.

  3. Army men…I find little plastic Army men in my shoes… And as for the stickers, I’d rather have them on baby than on his freshly painted walls…but… lol 🙂

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