Halloween at the Maddisons

Ahhhhhh, it’s that time of the year again. Halloween.

So steeped in tradition that it is hard to ignore, Halloween brings with it a sense of fun and excitement that even the most hard hearted of adults will find difficult to resist. Halloween in our household is something of an over indulgence. Andy’s birthday shortly follows, so we always make the most and kill two birds with one stone by trying to combine the celebrations in a somewhat unconventional two day event.

This year was no exception and Andy took much pleasure in carving his pumpkins. He also forced me to stop off on the way home from work so that he could collect bags of leaves to sprinkle all over the house for that autumnal authentic feel … the man is insatiable.

For the first of our Halloween extravaganzas we have had Andy’s friends round to play games, eat sweets and drink plentifully. Not a bad thing by any stretch of the imagination. Fun was had by all. Usually at such an event I would furnish the party-goers with copious amounts of Maddison family cooking; home-made sausage rolls, onion bhajis, pizzas, garlic bread, a bit of salad just to make me feel a bit healthy and normally large amount of sticky ginger cake and gingerbread biscuits. This year however, being burdened by two adorable small people, it has not been as easy a task, so we have opted for the tins of Roses and take away options which although less imaginative, were equally as well received.

On actual Halloween, we packed the children off to the nursery dressed in their finest outfits; Emily has gone dressed as a cross between a witch and a cat and Alice as a pumpkin. Emily has decided that she is Cat Boris, named after my Mum’s cat Boris (bet you couldn’t guess that) and along with her cute little cat ears hair band even let me draw whiskers and a nose on her face with an eye liner pencil. Alice on the other hand managed to single-handedly charm everyone she met with her smiles and giggles whilst dressed in a very rudimentary pumpkin babygrow.

Andy was actually over the moon at the prospect of finally being able to take Emily out Trick or Treating as she was old enough to understand what was going on. Unfortunately for him, the excitement of it all got too much for her and she fell asleep in the car and wouldn’t wake up for anyone. Alice on the other hand had lots of fun answering the door and handing out sweets. She even got to meet the most adorable pug called Matilda who was out and about with a glowing pumpkin balloon tied to her collar – totally adorable, I wish I had asked for a photo.

Well, besides all the excitement of trick or treating, sweets and Andy’s ritual of watching Trick r’Treat as soon as it’s dark, we had a great day. Here’s to hoping next year is even better!


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