Mother’s Day


Left to Right (Emily’s card, Alice’s card, Daddy’s card)

Hello blogging world … I realise it’s been a while. What can I say? It’s been a bit hectic this end; what with birthdays, Christmas and fighting off various forms of sickness, I’m surprised we all made it through to the other side relatively unscathed. But here we are, in MARCH (where has the time gone?) starring face to face at the speedily approaching first birthday of my youngest Alice, thinking that I’ve blinked and the year has gone.

But there’s nothing like a day of celebrating mothers and how wonderful they are to bring you out of a cold, winter slump.

Friday morning I happened to turn on the local radio station in the car on the way to work (waiting for the traffic updates, why else would I listen to the drivel that is local breakfast radio?) and the radio presenter was discussing with his co-host what he’d bought for his mother for mother’s day. He said he’d bought two tickets to Wimbledon. What an amazing present and made me wonder why I hadn’t thought of it myself. Then he ruined it all by saying he actually was going to keep them for him and his wife instead. My reaction of outrage actually shocked me. How could he be so selfish after all his mother must have done for him?! But that got me thinking, has my mother ever thought I was selfish on mother’s day? Did I ever forget to buy her a present on mother’s day? Did I arrange to go out with my friends instead of spending this special day on the sofa with my Mum watching reruns of Star Trek or Buffy the Vampire Slayer? I can’t remember, maybe I did, which would make my outrage at this presenter’s audacity both mute and hypocritical.

This morning however, I was blessed with the greatest gift a mother of two very small children could hope for: a lie-in. I roused from what must have been a very heavy slumber to the sound of Emily and Andy in the hall downstairs:

Andy: Now do you remember what to say?

Emily: Yes Daddy

Andy: Are you going to shout it up the stairs?

Emily: Mummy! It’s your day!

Queue pitter patter of feet as they climb the stairs and fling open the bedroom door:


Thrusts a card in my drowsy face making me jump as one, I was not expecting it and two, I hadn’t put my glasses on yet, so my spacial awareness was somewhat lacking.

Emily: Look we have presents too. It’s your day Mummy … can I open them?

What proceeded was ten minutes of complete bliss, with lots of cuddles from Emily as she opened my card and presents and Alice crawling across the bed to sit in my lap so she could join in too. It made me realise that even if I hadn’t got a card or a present, just the acknowledgement that it was a special day for me and the affirmation that my family loved me was all the mother’s day present I needed. I can imagine that my mum and all other mothers would feel the same. Physical presents aren’t necessary to show you how much someone loves you … although the cook books were a good bonus!

IMG_4544I Skyped my Mum shortly afterwards. Living so far away makes mother’s day hard, but the wonders of modern technology make it considerably easier.What a wonderful thing Skype is. It’s almost as good as being in the room with her. Love it!

Whilst on “the line”, Alice practised her standing and Emily “helped” Daddy cook Mummy her special mother’s day breakfast. Fry up! Haven’t had one since I was pregnant, so this was brilliant. Alice fell asleep halfway through and Emily ate almost all of hers, so it really was a great breakfast.

Nothing says I love you like burnt chipolatas (FYI, I LOVE burnt sausages, my Mum has bred this into me as she loves them too, another nod to my ever suffering and much missed mother).

Unfortunately, the weather was so cold we could barely do a thing. We managed all of 10 minutes in the park before Alice and I got relegated to the car and Emily defiantly continued to play until her shivering forced her to give in and go back home for hot chocolate.

Anyway, despite the most pedestrian of days, it will still be one of the memories I will cherish forever. Although the day itself wasn’t far from a typical Sunday, the fact that I was able to spend it with my lovely husband and children makes ever second of the mundane that much more special.

I just can’t wait for the next mother’s day … and the next … and the next!


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